Of the applications available on Google Play, those related to the possibility of recording calls have been downloaded millions. Although they seem to be numbering their days on Android.

The first limitations on call recording were made in Android 9 Pie, which restricted unidentified APIs. And now, the big G has put the final nail in the coffin of apps for recording searches available on Android: if you’re not root, They will have to disappear from the Google Play Store next May 11th.

As colleagues at XDA Developers reported, Google made it clear at a meeting for developers: accessibility permission is prohibited to record callsTherefore, such a practice is doomed to extinction.

Why does Google not want this permission used?

The reason why Google is placing increasingly higher restrictions on the use of accessibility permissionsIt has to do with abuse of permission, where many applications take advantage of to extract the maximum possible information from the user. And the American company wants to turn off the tap.

For example, Google has made it clear that these accessibility permissions cannot be used to bypass privacy controls, notifications, or record searches.makes it clear that such apps’ days are numbered in the app stores.

Like this, From May 11, you will no longer be able to download any call recording apps from Google Play. If you have already installed the application, you can use it without any problems. Even the Google Phone app has the ability to record calls in some countries. And if you are a root user, you can download compatible apps.

But what if you want to install a call recording app without root? Well, you just need to download the corresponding APK file and install it on your phone. Although they are not available on Google Play, they will continue to work as before.

Undoubtedly a somewhat radical move on the part of Google that could allow this type of application to continue working normally. But the big G is blind and wants accessibility permissions to be used sparingly. Also, if you take into account that the Google Phone app itself already allows to record calls4 in certain regions, it is likely that the Internet giant will make an update soon for this functionality to reach all countries.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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