Yesterday, Tesla released its first quarter 2022 results, breaking the company’s historical records. Elon Musk’s company entered $18,756 millionFree cash flow of $2,200 million and an operating margin of 19.2%, but those are not the most interesting figures left to us by the presentation of the results.

One of the main anecdotes of the evening was undoubtedly the company’s exhibition after the Super Bowl. A sporting event is also a big promotional event, which usually results in a lot of sales for advertisers. Some Super Bowl ad spots they are among the most expensive in the worldso not many companies can advertise.

Of the great Super Bowl Finals announcements in Los Angeles, EV manufacturers’ announcements have been among the most numerous, so it’s logical to assume that those announced at the event have taken over booking and sales days. after graduation. There is nothing further from reality.

Tesla reserves jumped after the final

One piece of data that can be seen on Tesla’s results slides was a graph showing the demand for the company’s vehicles. It shows a clear rising peak that coincided with Super Bowl LVI. The graphic shows an arrow pointing to him and he is labeled the day after the Super Bowl. Tesla was the overall winner in orders after the final. And all this without an announcement at the event:

While this is actually just an anecdote, there are many reasons that could explain the increase in bookings since the Super Bowl. Among them is that some consumers in search of alternatives to electric vehicles after the event ended considering Tesla a more interesting alternativeboth in price and performance.

However, not all manufacturers publish their car orders, usually only final sales, so it’s hard to get an idea. comparison of manufacturers who declared themselves in the final. However, Tesla’s huge post-Superbowl order spike clearly shows that the company won… without paying a single dollar for the most expensive ad of the year.

Source: Hiper Textual

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