NordVPN company conducted a research on the use of mobile phones in our country and it is known that one of the things we highlight in the current survey is this. Spaniards in use mobile in the bathroom. The truth is, it’s not a particularly positive thing, but the truth is, 65%. It’s crazy, but considering we spend almost 29 years of our lives using online resources, it all comes together.

Among the additional data to those mentioned above, there are also some interesting details. One of them is the continued high usage in the bathroom. social mediaSince 65% Proportion of respondents indicate that this is what they did most often at the time. Other options that also have significant weight include: News (42%); games (29%); and even chat via text (28%).

All this makes it clear that: security This is very important whether you are in the toilet or not visiting. This is because the content used in this place is still vulnerable to exploitation by hackers – this is due to the fact that in most cases there is personal data involved. Therefore, following some basic care instructions is as vital as it is recommended.

Important tips to follow to improve security

Security and privacy expert Daniel Markusson NordVPN has put together a list of tips below: simple Significantly increases the peace of mind you have when keeping track of and using your cell phone (in the bathroom or not). These are the following, and the truth is that they are quite effective possibilities and do not put the terminal at any risk.

  • It is important to keep the applications you use up to date, as well as the operating system. Feel free to install every improvement released by the developers and if it’s better now.
  • It is important that you do not download anything to your mobile phone of which you do not know the source. If you don’t have enough confidence, feel free to go through the origins of the software on your own to dispose of it. It is better to prevent than cure.
  • It is best not to resort to unofficial referral stores, they already implement a security filter for you.
  • Unsecured (especially open) WiFi networks should not be used when connecting to the Internet, unless absolutely necessary. And if necessary, feel free to run a tool like NordVPN.
  • Never stop being mindful of what’s going on in your team. For example, avoid clicking on unknown links or providing personal information in unsafe places. Also, calls from numbers you don’t know, let them go.
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In short, security is essential if you want to be safe when using your cell phone both in the living room and in the bathroom… and with the advice mentioned above, calm so that your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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