One of the top manufacturers of audio products is Sonos. The Danish firm, in addition to its cooperation with the Swedish furniture manufacturer in the IKEA SIMFONISK series, undoubtedly has a catalog. And now we know Sonos is working on a cheap soundbar.

As we told you, Sonos undoubtedly has a catalogue, the problem is, whether it’s soundbars or speakers, its solutions are high-end products whose prices skyrocket. Although it looks like the next Sonos soundbar will be cheaper than we’re used to.

As reported by The Verge, the company is working on a new soundbar. sonos s36 and he said there will be a real demolition price: $249, which will certainly be 249 euros when it reaches the Spanish market.

A very limited soundbar

As they show in the popular tech scene, The Verge was able to see the actual design of this Sonos S36 soundbar in addition to some of its specs. And we already told you that we are talking about an entry-level model.

Obviously, it will have the best Sonos audio technologies to deliver a great soundscape, but we can’t expect support for Dolby Atmos, for example. Even from The Verge they stated that this model will only have an optical input, forego HDMI to reduce its cost as much as possible.

Even so, it’s still a Sonos soundbar, so the acoustic landscape will be at the pinnacle of the Danish firm, which wants to get right into the entry-level range and offers a very complete product.

Also, the brand’s idea is this: Sonos S36 can be used stand-alone or converted into a line-out speaker To complement your more powerful solutions like Sonos ARC. To do that, this new soundbar has everything you need so you can hang it on the wall both vertically and horizontally.

Sonos S36 release date

The Verge contacted Sonos to confirm the bar’s data, but the company declined to comment. They’re still confirming that this soundbar, codenamed Fury from The Verge, will be available on June 7th. Now all that remains is for the Danish manufacturer to confirm this fact and give us all the details of the first inexpensive soundbar.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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