Netflix is ​​starting to plan for changes to its streaming platform. One of these strategies is focused on controlling access to the production catalog and attacking subscribers’ pockets.

One of the latest announcements made by the company is that it will extend the trial period. receives a higher fee than platform members who share accounts with people outside the household.

Pilot tests have been conducted in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru since March, TechCrunch said, but now plans to roll out the solution to global markets, including the United States, in about a year.

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Netflix subscribers with Standard and Premium plans can add “sub-accounts” to their profiles with non-residents. Now each account will have its own profile and personalized recommendations, but at the same time another username and password.

The technology Netflix will use to determine if people live in the same area Does not rely on location data like GPS Instead, it uses the same information it uses to deliver its service to its end users today, including IP address, device IDs, and other information about devices logged into the Netflix account throughout the home.

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Currently, Netflix reports that it has close to 100 million people sharing user accounts worldwide, and More than 30 million of them are located in the USA and Canada alone.

In test markets, the additional cost for non-household members is CLP 2,380 in Chile, $2.99 ​​in Costa Rica and PEN 7.9 in Peru. Values ​​for the remaining countries are expected to be known soon.

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