It’s official Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter and with it structural changes in the company. Although there is still no definite plan for adjustments, some expect the social network to become a hotbed of misinformation and harassment, so They are already packing their bags to move to another place..

if you think about say goodbye to twitter because you can’t stand Elon Musk, or because you’re fed up with the platform, now is the perfect time. While deleting your Twitter account is a simple process, leaving behind 10 or 15 years of our social media life in order to emigrate to another place requires prior mentalization.

The first thing to accept is we will not find a real alternative to twitter, i.e. with the same features and user base. Although the company had a wave of imitators in its early years, they all failed or were bought by other companies. The social network has never had a serious competitor, although lately Donald Trump and the far right have been trying to do so with clones based on Mastodon, an open source software.

Five alternatives to Twitter

What options then remain? The answer to this question lies in your interests. Do you like photography? Video games? Do you use Twitter as a news channel or do you like troll politicians? Thanks to new generations, platforms have become more diverse and now targeted at certain niches, so there will always be an alternative to Elon Musk’s Twitter.


Aplicación de Reddit en iPhone

This is least aggressive option for those emigrating from Twitter. From a functional point of view, users have schedule, they can create topics or reply to the conversation. The beauty of Reddit is that it is divided into communities (or subreddits) on specific topics. If you need Netflix recommendations, recipes, or streams without F1 or the Champions League, you are sure to find them.

Users can subscribe to subreddits and view content on the timeline in the app or on the web. Unlike Twitter, on Reddit you follow a community rather than a user, so your schedule it will be populated with topics created by subscribers from each community you subscribe to.

Sites like r/tech, r/WorldNews or/Science are dominated by links to articles, so they are a good alternative for getting information. Content is always upvoted by users, and unlike Twitter, there is an easy way to sort content by post time, popularity, trends, and so on.


Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash Credit: SHE’S A GIFT

Discord is least like twitter, but it’s a social network alternative if you’re interested in the community component. Users can join servers that revolve around some interest, topic, or even content creators. The beauty of the platform is that it is a closed space with rules set by the creator of each community.

Users they can create a profile and join by invitation. Some servers are public, while access to others is provided as a bonus if you contribute to Patreon. Each community has different channels and tools for working with content. Members can communicate via text messages or sneak into clubhouse-style group rooms.

Discord is not an option for the typical Twitter user, but rather for those who are tired of trolling or junk content and want to join a community of like-minded people.


Tumblr como alternativa a Twitter

tumblr as old as twitterHowever, the microblogging platform went through a series of ups and downs that took it off the plane for a while. After being acquired by Yahoo in 2013, its popularity declined due to changes to its content policy. After some time of aimless drifting, Tumblr was taken over by Automattic to be WordPress Plugin.

The functionality of Tumblr is similar to Twitter in many ways. Users can create content, comment, re-post (retweet), like or share. There is a customizable dashboard where users can follow other creators and view content in tile or timeline format.

W: Social networks

WT Social es el Twitter sin publicidad de Wikipedia
This is WT.Social channel

Born from the ashes of the WikiTribune, WT:Social is a social network created by Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia. According to Wales, the project is focused on communication and aims to do away with many of the evils we see on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

WT: Social stakes on ad-free social network supported by donations. The content is displayed in chronological order and does not depend on an annoying algorithm. You don’t have to wait 10 years for the button to be edited tweetbecause, as it happens on Wikipedia, all content is editable. When we say it all alleven other people’s posts.

More than two years after its debut, WT:Social still hasn’t been able to build and grow a user base below half a million. However, the platform is an interesting experiment to analyze as it is committed to a subscription model and a community that self-regulates content.


Plurk, clon de Twitter
Plurk’s “timeline” is horizontal

Plurk is an alternative for those who are looking for twitter clone. The Taiwanese-born social network debuted in 2008 and positioned itself as a promising contender, though it was soon overtaken. Although it does not have US platform numbers, user experience is very similar.

Users post plurks (the equivalent of tweets) up to 360 characters long, they can follow other people and view content in schedule horizontal. There are also direct messages, group conversations, and personalized emoticons. A striking feature of Plurk is the use Karmaa value that increases based on your activity and allows you to unlock more features.

While Plurk has a lot in common with Twitter, the majority of its users are based in Asia.

Bonus: Facebook

It is not joke. No one in their right mind would trade Twitter for Facebook.Unless you’re interested in the metaverse, hype, misinformation, or content that promotes hate and racism. So Zuck is waiting for you with open arms.

Source: Hiper Textual

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