It is possible to read text in photos with an iPhone. If you later take a photo of a phone number, text or address information, the Live Text function will easily recognize it as text. You can then copy and paste it into an email, document, or note.

The Live Text feature is part of the iOS 15 operating system and works on recent iPhones. We mean an iPhone 11, 12, SE (second generation), XS or XR. If you have such a device, you still need to turn on Livetext, because this function is not enabled by default.

open app Settings and tap General† you go later Language and Region and put the key live text on green. There you will read that Live Text is available for Chinese, German, English, French, Cantonese, Portuguese and Spanish. Do not put off for this, because the result is more than good in Dutch too.

select text

With Livetext, you always start with a photo. For example, you can open an image with text in your photo library. Or you take a photo directly from a book or sign a signature with text on it. Or you start with a screenshot.

If you hold your finger on a line of text, grab points appear. With this you specify the piece of text you want to be recognized. The selected text turns blue. Keep your finger on the blue text until the menu appears. copy visible. Tap on copy

Live text recognizes text so you can copy it.

Paste or look

After copying the text, you can paste it into another app or share it with someone via email or WhatsApp. If it concerns text written in one of the supported languages, you can have it translated directly into another supported language via the menu.

instead of command copy You can also do the command Call choose. For Dutch words, iOS uses the online explanatory dictionary Prisma. iOS also caters to online dictionaries for other languages. In addition, iOS shows website recommendations, news items, and movies that match this keyword.

Source: Computer Totaal

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