Free repair program for Apple Watch Series 6 with factory defect on the screen.

Apple just opened free repair program for customers Apple Watch Series 6offering a kind custom manufacturing defect.

Do you know what the problem is? If you have an Apple Watch Series 6, it is essential that you have it. informationSo you can repair without paying.

Apple Watch Series 6 issue subject to free repair

about a screen problem special model box size 40mm. The fault is that the screen leave blankpermanently.

There is a small percentage of these devices that may have this defect. Because of this problem, their prices did not decrease. However, if you’re interested in getting an Apple Watch Series 6, it’s a good deal as its prices on Amazon are incredibly discounted.

Apple Watch Series 6 factory issue when screen goes black

Apple Watch Series 6 factory issue when screen goes black

For Apple Watch users who own copies of this Series 6 model, it’s good to know that if they have encountered this type of issue, they can do so. use authorized service providers repair it free of charge. apple services program.

Repair valid for 2 years from the date of purchase of the unit, as long as it is suitable for repair.

Although the repair program is available in most parts of the world, Apple restrict repairs to the original country or region of purchase.

the above, if original purchase your watch is done in the other countrypossible not in serviceeven if your serial number makes it convenient.

According to Apple, affected hours these produced come in April and September 2021. However, the user does not have this visible data when purchasing the watch.

How do you know if your Apple Watch Series 6 is eligible for this program?

To find out if you have a watch suitable program free repair, due verify serial number On the web page dedicated to the Apple repair program.

How to find the serial number of Apple Watch to find out if it is eligible for the free repair program?

How to find the serial number of Apple Watch to see if it is eligible for the free repair program?

To find the serial number on your Apple Watch

  • open app Adjustment On your Apple Watch Series 6.
  • To choose General and then About.
  • Finally scroll down and search serial number or IMEI.

To find your Apple Watch serial number with your iPhone

  • Open the app on your iPhone apple watch.
  • choose my clocklater General.
  • then tap on About and call serial number or IMEI.

Other options for finding the serial number are:

  • search in cash register your Apple Watch,
  • Login watch back
  • Login belt slot Serial number can be engraved.

Being beneficiary Your Apple Watch Series 6 take it to the apple store or the nearest authorized site and a free repair.

Image | Apple Support Website

Source: i Padizate

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