Google has begun rolling out a new privacy section to the Play Store. Now all users will be able to find out more about the data that apps collect about themand how they are used. This new security offering was announced last year as part of a strategy to increase privacy on Android.

New privacy labels will be released gradually starting today. Therefore, you may not see them on your device for several weeks; but don’t worry, eventually they will come. Developers, for their part, they have until July 20 to add the necessary information. For this reason, as those responsible for updating applications, you will be able to see more information about this.

Judging by Mountain View, they want users to know a lot more about how their data is being used. So they finally decided provide more information and context them.

How the new privacy section of the Google Play Store works

Google has offered some details on how this new security and privacy section works across its services. According to them, the characteristic will display a list of all collected data application developers. In addition, it also allows you to see if they are being transferred, as well as the security practices used by the company. This last section tells you whether these companies encrypt the data when it is sent or not.

Of course you can also see if this developer follows the policy from Google Play families; or if it has been approved by third parties.

At the end of 2020, Apple integrated a rather similar feature into its App Store. Tags allow users to see how applications are using their data. Shortly thereafter, Google announced its own version and, in addition, presented a timeline of the various stages through which this new function will pass. So far, this line seems to be doing quite well, and it’s a step forward in terms of user privacy and security on Android.

Penalties for not providing required information

If you want to see more information about this new feature, you can go to support website Google. Here, Google clarifies that if developers do not comply with the requirement to fill out a new section, may be blocked from updates in your applications. They could even be completely eliminated.

Even those developers who do not collect user data in their applications will have to fill this new gap. Except, must offer a link to their internship About privacy.

Google you want your Play Store to be as secure as possible. In fact, in the same month they announced a new movement that plans to get rid of legacy applications on the platform. Thus, Android can become more and more secure and reliable operating system.

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