machines Xiaomi They don’t stop for a moment, and one example is that they just launched a new phone (intended for the gaming market) yesterday and will be doing their thing with a device with the goal of everything to dominate in a few days. in the input range. we talk about SMALL M4 5GMany of the features it would offer were well known.

One of the options that will draw a lot of attention to this terminal is that it will offer access to a data connection. 5G, something that will be different if the price is too low – everything indicates that it will cost less than 200 euros, which is a disgrace. But the good news doesn’t end there for this device, as it will certainly include a battery among the options that will be offered. 5,000mAh With fast charging, you forget to take the charger when you leave the house; and in addition, it will have more processors than solvent MediaTek Size 700 Thanks to the Mali G57 GPU, it will be possible with many games.

By the way, unlike what usually happens on entry-level phones, this phone from Xiaomi will have a resolution screen. FullHD+, which makes it look like a terminal in the middle segment of the market. The dimensions of the panel will be 6.58 inches You won’t miss the opportunity to use LCD type (ie fingerprint reader is on the power button) and up to 1 frequency. 90Hz. The truth is, if you can compromise, this will be an excellent investment.

Xiaomi POCO M4 5G will come in various colors

This is known due to the release of several images where you can see how the design of this smartphone will be. It will retain the usual back band on which the two 50 + 2 MP sensor cameras will be placed, which is very common in many POCO models, and will include both the manufacturing materials used. metal like plastic. Meanwhile, it seems pretty obvious that there’s a rear curvature, not a front, that would greatly support the grip.

Rear view of Xiaomi POCO M4 5G phone


Regarding the colors, it is worth noting that there will definitely be three: black, yellow and blue. It is possible that there are several more, but they are more than enough so that users always have the opportunity to choose something to their taste. In addition, it is clearly visible that the connection port will be. usb type c and, as far as is known, its thickness will be under nine millimeters despite the large charge of its battery.

Introduction of this smartphone

As noted information sourcethis Xiaomi POCO M4 5G is scheduled to be announced during the day 29 April 2022So there are only a few days left before it becomes official. It will definitely reach all the regions where the manufacturer is located, and the truth is, if everything is confirmed, everything indicates that we are a new ruler of the input range… because we don’t see any other options that can survive. currently the quality/price ratio.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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