Despite the criticism that has crushed the feature film Marvel-Sony starring Jared Letothe film morbius managed to exceed $100 million in revenue during this week. According to Sony, Morbius has so far raised $47 million in the United States and $56 million in the rest of the world, reaching $102 million.

The fact that Morbius has surpassed $100 million further highlights the differences between the opinion of the critics, who noted a 17% approval rate for the film on Rotten Tomatoes, and the audience, which has always recorded a total of 70% granted. This is a similar situation to the two Venom movies released in theaters in previous years.

Here’s the official synopsis of the feature film about Morbius, in theaters March 30:
One of Marvel’s most enigmatic and ghostly characters, antihero Michael Morbius, appears on the big screen, played by Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto. Infected with a rare and dangerous blood disease, determined to save all who are destined to suffer their own fate, Dr. Morbius a desperate gamble. What initially appears to be a success soon turns out to be a potentially more dangerous drug than the disease itself.

Source: Lega Nerd

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