Tomorrow April 9, during the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, there will be a special meeting: Imagine Zero calcare and theArmadillo who one day sit opposite each other on a stage, wondering what has been done so far and what the future holds, in a stream of consciousness that turns animated into a flesh-and-blood dialogue between Michele Rech and Valerio Mastandrea. This is what will happen in the special event tomorrow”The consciousness of Zero

[PERUGIA]Hello, Saturday evening with Valerio Mastandrea we are in Perugia at the International Journalism Festival for …

Posted by (Z) ZeroCalcare on Friday, April 8, 2022

This is the summary of the meeting, taken from the festival website:
Everything points to the fact that as success increases, adoption increases. If so, the cartoonist Zerocalcare is in serious trouble, after the international success of Tear Along the Edges, his debut in animation broadcast on the Netflix platform. After all, from its first illustrations in the Roman scene and with the disruptive La profezia dell’armadillo, Zerocalcare has found its way table after table (and takeover after takeover) into all the major Italian magazines and sales charts over the years. The latest work in chronological order is Nothing New on the Rebibbia Front, where the stories written in these last two difficult years find space. If, in the recent history of the comic strip, confronted with the basic numbers, the acquired popularity and the new visibility given to this noble art, we can think of a before and after Zerocalcare, the time has come for man and for the artist to the situation on what has been sown so far, and on what the future holds.

To accompany him in this venture will be the actor Valerio Mastandrea. Voice of the Armadillo in Tearing Along the Edges, the award-winning actor and director certainly needs no introduction. A career that unfolds over three decades, dotted with great interpretations between film, theater and television. Cult films such as The Fragrance of the Night by Claudio Caligari and interpretations that initiated his acting, such as La prima cosa bella (directed by Paolo Virz√¨), which earned him the David di Donatello as best actor. In 2018, however, made the directorial debut with Ride, a powerful and graceful tale of a “white death”. One of those events that affects everyone, but usually gets swallowed up in the eternal news cycle after a few days. Because, in the right hands, the camera knows how to excite and become aware of the torments and emotions we don’t know or don’t want to bring to the surface.

The meeting will be moderated by Oscar Glioti, journalist, writer and screenwriter: the appointment is at 7 pm at the Morlacchi Theater. Find all information about the subject on the festival website, at this address.

Source: Lega Nerd

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