As Wikipedia says, a bulletproof vest is an element of a person’s individual protection, which protects his upper body from cold and firearms.

At the same time, body armor can be confused with a tiler. The bulletproof vest differs from it in that it has compartments for aramid packages where the plates do not protect.

The primary task of body armor is not to reduce the likelihood of injury, but to protect vital organs from fatal wounds. And the body area that body armor can protect is about 20%. Also, according to statistics, bullets hit armor in 20% of cases. Accordingly, the bulletproof vest has real meaning only if there is a doctor in the platoon who can provide assistance and then evacuate a person.

The biggest disadvantage of plate carriers compared to bulletproof vests is that the protection area is smaller than conventional bulletproof vests. And there is no way to fix it. To increase the area of ​​​​protection, you will need to purchase additional modules: neck, shoulder protection, etc. At the same time, most manufacturers sell all modules without armor (that is, a plate without a plate, just a cover).

Another disadvantage of modern models is that they are all made according to the same template. Most often, models are copied from American manufacturers. For example, they make a pocket under the plates from below, and this is not the best solution when a bullet or shrapnel hits a person. This is because the plate can fall off the bulletproof vest.

The insufficient strength of the elements is another drawback of body armor. Many items are somehow trapped inside and they can even be easily torn by hand.

The next disadvantage is the impossibility of field repairs. Therefore, new tiles to replace old tiles will not work quickly. This disadvantage is found in almost all modern bulletproof vests.

Also, many manufacturers make tiles without cover. And in Russia this is mostly done for the sake of economy.

Source: Ferra

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