Chemists from Tomsk State University (TSU), with grant support from the Russian Science Foundation, have developed new catalysts that can neutralize harmful combustion products. They used copper and silver as active ingredients, which are cheaper and more effective than existing platinum and palladium. These catalysts are expected to be used in car engine filters and in industrial plants.

When we use carbon-based fuels, we continue to receive energy, but we also release carbon monoxide and soot into the atmosphere. These harmful emissions destroy the ozone layer, cause acid rain, cause smog and are harmful to health. However, existing means of air purification from combustion products are globally ineffective, as expensive (platinum), toxic (chlorine) and unstable components are used.

The chemists chose bimetallic silver and copper particles (Ag-Cu) as the active components of the catalysts. They will be able to give them new functional properties during the synthesis and heat treatment process. These catalysts can oxidize soot and carbon monoxide to harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide. In addition, the new catalysts are environmentally friendly and can be reused after heat treatment.

It is also crucial that new catalysts are efficient, stable and resistant to catalyst poisons and aggregation. That is, they must resist the compression of small metal particles. Materials developed by chemists from Tomsk can be used in car exhaust gas filters, industrial enterprises and indoors.

Upon completion of the project, catalysts in the form of powders will be created, which are nanoparticles of bimetallic materials deposited on oxides of cerium, manganese and tin. After the project is completed, it will be seen how to proceed and how these materials can be used in the exhaust gas treatment system.

Source: Ferra

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