Researchers at the University of Melbourne summarized data from 17 different studies in six countries on sacred spots with reduced blue light. And they came to the conclusion that this is a hoax – an unproven scientific factor that serves only advertising purposes.

As noted, there is no direct indication of improvement in performance in any of the work of their colleagues. And I said that I was very pleased with the fact that I was able to issue blockers without any doubt. individual positive results are untenable, they can be easily singled out by critics. On the other hand, the reverse conclusions about the uselessness of glasses cannot be drawn either – studies do not provide such data.

Most of all, scientists were confused by the lack of a standardized approach to technology assessment. It’s good that it simulates a relationship with a person contained in a medical application according to the action protocols. At a minimum, this is a probability and a huge process that cannot be detected even with a large number of large-scale seizures.

What is most embarrassing is that most of the studies were covered with a real commercial product, with a lot of man and man, and the sample of participants in the study was clearly biased. This is a typical publicity stunt. What is the meaning of the blue color of his human body and what gives the blockage – science answers little by little. Maybe.

Source: Tech Cult

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