Ozon’s CFO announced the company’s plans to change the Cypriot residence permit to the Russian one. Igor Gerasimov did not mention the conditions or details of the planned change of address. Earlier it became known about Ozon’s second failed attempt to challenge Nasdaq’s decision to delist his shares.

Chief Financial Officer Ozon announced plans to change the company’s Cypriot residency to Russian

Ozon plans to change his address and change the company registration from Cypriot to Russian. Igor Gerasimov, CFO of the company, spoke on the air about the fact that Ozon reported on the second quarter of 2023.

Gerasimov stated that the company wants to get rid of the foreign legal “linkage” “in a certain horizon”, but did not mention the conditions or details of the planned redomiciliation.

On Wednesday, August 23, Ozon reported on the second quarter: quarterly revenue increased 61% with net loss increasing 82%. The market linked the fall in profits to the adverse effect of exchange differences and the increase in financial costs.

On Tuesday, August 22, Ozon announced a second failed attempt to challenge the decision to delist shares from the Nasdaq stock exchange. The securities will not be delisted until appeal periods expire, Ozon said.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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