“Uran-6” – digging robots used to destroy and neutralize minefields. “Uran-14” is designed to extinguish fires and remove rubble in conditions of extreme danger. They can also be used for shelling.

In particular, Uran-6 fighters were used to clear mines and clear minefields in Nagorno-Karabakh and Syria. “Uran-14” – to eliminate the consequences of the explosion in the arsenal in Achinsk.

“Excavator robots are mostly used to clear mines in occupied areas. It is therefore quite reasonable to extend their use now. They will be useful, as they provide for continuous demining without the participation of people. The robot is used where a human might miss or not notice. Military expert Viktor Murakhovsky constantly conducts mine clearance without interruption and without errors, ”said the military expert.

Source: Ferra

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