YouTube announces it will launch training courses for creators violating platform policies. This way, a youtuber can choose to take the course to learn more about how the site’s rules work.

The community guidelines update was released today (29) on the official YouTube blog. According to the Google company, the new tool will be important in reducing cases of policy violations. In addition, the company claims that: the tool can reduce the number of fines (strikes)this can hinder creators financially.

The education history course option will appear for creators who receive a warning. Announced in 2019, the alert is sent to people who violate YouTube rules for the first time and serves as a warning before attacks.

According to YouTube, the training course will provide “new ways for creators to understand how to avoid uploading content that violates our policies.” While taking a lesson, the youtuber will remove the warning unless it violates the same policy for 90 days..

“We believe this update will help the vast majority of creators trying to produce content that complies with our Community Guidelines, and help keep YouTube a safe and responsible platform for everyone.”


YouTube’s “refresher course” will cover specific topics that violate the site’s policies. The platform exemplified the case of an alleged youtuber who posted a video talking about sex education.

If the person does not contextualize what was said correctly, the video will be removed and the creator will Take a course that focuses specifically on educating about nudity and sexual content policies.

Upon completion of the course, the creator:

  • If they do not commit the same policy violation for 90 days, the strike will be removed from their channel;
  • Violating the same policy before reaching the 90-day limit, the video will be removed and the channel will be warned.
  • After 90 days, the video of violators of the same policy will be removed and YouTube will issue another strike. The creator will have the option to edit a new training course.

rules remain

YouTube stated that repeaters will not learn. The platform announced that the community rules have not changed and content that violates the rules will continue to be removed.

Anyone who receives three strikes within a 90-day period will continue to have their channel deleted from YouTube.

Source: Tec Mundo

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