In the Journal of Radars, experts explained that the terahertz range is intermediate between infrared and microwave. A signal emitter was placed in the waters of the Yellow Sea, imitating the operation of one of the submarine models. The experiment was carried out in open air with light waves (light – 0.5-1.25 points). A terahertz sensor detected waves 10-100 nm high, created by a sound emitter on the sea surface.

Scientists discovered that the terahertz sensor is not only sensitive to the smallest wave fluctuations that has not been recorded before, but can also transmit data such as speed, direction of movement, type of submarine.

At the same time, scientists believe that the new technology will be useful not only in the military field, but also for environmental surveillance and watercraft. Another feature of terahertz communication channels is that such a signal cannot be intercepted due to barely perceptible fluctuations.

Source: Ferra

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