Foreign journalists have already received the latest iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Opinions about smartphones are traditionally divided, but the majority were satisfied with the gadgets. Not without its downsides.

Let’s figure it out.

1. Edge

I’m delighted with the new button Action

Among the first to traditionally share their opinions were The Verge. The following are excerpts from the original items.

I know we all have mixed feelings about USB-C, but let me tell you about the wonderful things that happened: The 15 Pro Max’s battery was dead, so I unplugged the USB-C charging cable from my MacBook Air and plugged it back into my smartphone . . No more searching for another cable.

I connected the Satechi hub to the 15 Pro and watched it read photos from the SD card. Then I connected the network cable and switched to a wired Internet connection like that. Again, there was no adapter or special accessory involved in this process—just the kind of hub you plug directly into his MacBook.

After spending the past week with a USB-C iPhone, I’ll tell you something on the other side: it’s pretty darn cool.

Many people never plug anything other than a charging cable into the port, and that’s fine. Even if you don’t want a change, I think the next day USB-C will make your life a little easier. Your friend who has an Android smartphone will lend you his charging cable and you’ll think, “Oh, that’s useful.”

As for what the new button does, the mute lever is gone, and by default the new button does what it does: mutes and unmutes your smartphone’s sound. But it can do so much more: you can configure it to turn on the flashlight, open the app camera or turn on the emitters, among many other options.

IN Command centre There’s even a new icon for quickly turning the sound on/off. Apple wants us to believe that nothing will be lost when moving from switch to button, and I think that’s mostly true. There are two different haptic signals that let you know, including silent modes. This helps you quickly check whether a feature is active without looking at the screen.

But there is a difference with a lever – a button Action You have to hold it down to switch modes. This is a few morebut the door should not be stored.

I configured the button to open the camera and thought it was a cool option. It can even act as a shutter, which is a feature I love. But it’s still difficult for me to get used to opening the camera using this key. Still, it’s easier and faster (more familiar) to swipe across the screen.

Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on its new A17 Pro chip. Not Bionic, but Pro. Overall, it’s unclear what Apple thinks “Pro” means this decade, other than a boost in gaming performance. I played RE Village for 20 minutes and was surprised The 15 Pro Max doesn’t get that hot.

Apple hasn’t announced any improvement in battery life for the 15 Pro and Pro Max compared to previous models. Most people should have no problem getting through a full day on a charge, but a more troubling issue we saw on the 14 Pro models is that the maximum battery capacity gradually decreases.

Many report that it has dropped to 90% or lower after just one year of ownership, which is respectable. Apple did not comment on this issue and simply redirected us to its battery support page, which states that “a typical battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity with 500 full charge cycles under normal conditions.”

Our new old friend Dynamic Island is back this year on all iPhone 15 models, and it works just like it did on the 14 Pro.


Photos are much better and with USB-C setup

CNBC journalists were also pleased with the smartphone.

There’s one noticeable and welcome change to the iPhone 15 Pro: it uses titanium for the frame rather than stainless steel. One color of natural titanium requires new metal, but with most other colors it is not that noticeable. And while the iPhone 15 Pro may look the same as the previous model from afar, it’s actually the biggest change to the iPhone’s appearance in years.

Titan is a great upgrade for everyday use as it makes the smartphone lighter. The device fits better in the hand. “Proshki” have become heavier since 2019, but the new product is changing everywhere.

Apple says the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro weighs 187 grams. iPhone 15 Pro Max with a larger 6.7-inch display weighs 8% less. But in replacement it is perceived as an even bigger difference.

Going back to my old iPhone 14 Pro, it feels like a brick. The difference in weight between this year’s Pro and last year’s is noticeable even with the case. The difference is largely insignificant, but it increases the comfort of daily use, and long “get-togethers” on TikTok and YouTube become less tiring.

Due to the changed dimensions, I note that Cases for previous models do not fit this year’s smartphones.

Apple is also implementing security measures on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. While the smaller Smart still has 3x zoom, the larger one now comes with a 5x zoom lens. Essentially, the new iPhone allows you to get closer to your subject without physically introducing yourself.

iPhone 14 Pro on the back, iPhone 15 Pro on the front. The frames have become thinner

Photos taken with the iPhone 15 Pro Max were quite clear. The new lens will be very useful in everyday use, as it will make it easier to photograph the world around you. This is a reason to choose the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max over the cheaper, but lighter and smaller iPhone 15 Pro.

Changing the port on the iPhone 15 Pro also opens up some interesting new possibilities. For example, if you have a USB-C monitor dock, like many executives do, you can now connect your smartphone to your monitor. It just duplicates the desktop, so it’s still not Samsung’s DeX.

On the left is iPhone 15 Pro Max 5x zoom, on the right is iPhone 15 Pro 3x zoom

Another big change to the iPhone this year is the button Actionwhich replaces the silent mode lever.

She was surprised by the comfort and I can already see how many people will use it every single day. The new button provides feedback when pressed, and Apple offers several convenient ways to use it.

My personal favorite is the camera button. Press it quickly and the camera will appear. Click again and she will take a photo. If you hold it down, a video is taken.

Another cool feature: Quickly brings up a translator app that can convert your spoken words into one of several foreign languages, as well as translate your responses.

The button can also be customized using TeamThis means people are considering a lot of creative uses as soon as the device is released for publication.

In normal use of the iPhone 15 Pro with the A17 chip, you won’t notice a difference because the iPhone is generally fast. But Apple says the chip has a new light 6-core GPU that can handle “ray tracing” – an advanced form of graphics computers previously limited to high-end gaming cards that essentially simulates light. It also has a better “neural engine” to power artificial intelligence.

There are no ray tracing games in the Apple App Store yet, but there are console-level games like the upcoming Resident Evil Village that will take advantage of the new chip. And according to the first tests, the iPhone works fine with them.

3. TechCrunch

iPhone 15 Pro Max is a beast in photos

The last to speak today were TechCrunch specialists.

Glass and the new metal-titanium will probably only be of significant benefit to those who carry a smartphone without a case. But I don’t belong to this category of people.

How do the Apple cases and wallets for this test feel? I think they are pretty nice lookingmore like microsuede.

The covers I’ve used haven’t picked up much dirt or scuff marks while in the parks. As well as a wallet, on which the smartphone lies on the tables most of the time. The same applies to tests with water – the accessories did not wrinkle from moisture and did not lose their original appearance. Of course, I can’t guarantee what they will be like in six months – it takes time.

They don’t feel as premium as leather cases, however, but I think they’re fine for most people.

Over the last decade, the limitation of most of the images I shot at Disneyland was done on an iPhone. Selfies, scene videos, group shots, rides in the dark, parades. Each of these elements affects different aspects, from low-resolution capture to autofocus systems and lens quality.

Due to this, I can compare the same pictures taken on different iPhones. The iPhone 15 Pro Max simply exceeds all expectations when it comes to geographic performance. This beast.

Images captured on the iPhone 14 Pro show that both cameras are very powerful, but the iPhone 15 Pro’s setup has a bit of a slower, more restrained feel to it, meaning it doesn’t go into one tone or another. Even the hint of excessive brightness caused by the HDR enhancement has disappeared.

As a result, warm daylight colors objects more realistically, and photos taken in the sun still contain shadow and edge detail.

Apple has created realistic modeling and correction for the 24mm, 28mm and 35mm “base lenses”. By the way, this is not a digital bottle. A 24 mm lens uses approximately 48 MP for shooting, a 28 mm lens uses approximately 35 MP, and a 35 mm lens uses exactly 24 MP; with the help of supernatural lenses you have truly created a natural picture. The image quality appeared on the Leica Q camera.

New 5x zoom mode – an incredible achievement in every way. It doesn’t just work. This is probably the best camera Apple has ever made. So, if I had to sum up this entire review in just two photos, I would present these shots taken with the ultra-wide-angle camera and the 5x zoom camera in low light. Just look at them:

Since I was shooting a lot of HD video throughout the day, I noticed quite a bit of heat coming from the back panel at certain points. The temperature was far from summer. But I’m still impressed that I didn’t get a single definition related to temperature. As for battery life, during my trip to Disneyland the iPhone 15 Pro Max lasted about 11 hours with heavy use.

It was interesting to see how the public consensus after Apple’s recent iPhone presentation was that this “boring” update didn’t bring anything truly exciting. But Apple is not promoting innovation now, the company is simply making its products better with each new generation, and that’s good.

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