Lamoda has started testing a new model of working with sellers: Lamoda FBS (Fulfillment by Seller). Brands can now sell items from their warehouse and use Lamoda logistics to deliver the products to the customer, the online retailer said in a statement.

Lamoda began testing a new model of working with sellers

The FBS model will allow sellers to increase their assortment without making physical shipments to the Lamoda warehouse; In this way, sellers will be able to increase product turnover, quickly enter the site and also start selling new items and limited assortments more quickly, the company reported. grades.

The first testing partner of the new operating model was the Russian men’s and women’s clothing brand Baon. In October, new members will connect behind closed doors.

Thus, Lamoda now has three main models of working with sellers:

  • FBO – Fulfillment by the Operator, the goods are stored in the Lamoda warehouse, assembly and delivery are carried out through the online platform.
  • FBS: Fulfillment by the seller, the partner sells items from its warehouse and uses Lamoda logistics to deliver the merchandise to the customer.
  • DBS – Delivery by the Seller, the partner stores the merchandise in its warehouse and, after placing the order, carries out its logistics himself.

The company does not disclose rates for them.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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