With rare exceptions, there are very few people in the world who are not interested in subjects that are unknown, involving human tragedies or bizarre visions. Of course, a scary subject isn’t always welcome, but it’s even healthy to be scared once in a while, as long as it’s in a controlled way.

And what better place than the internet to unleash that desire? A simple Google search will reveal thousands (and sometimes even millions, depending on the language used) pages made by people who take the time to explore the dark side of existence.

In this post, we’ve put together some of the best sites where you can find heavy doses of tragedy, destruction, gore, and weird stuff. Many contain images that are considered quite powerful, and none are recommended for those with heart problems or a weak stomach.

The description of the address given by the administrators of the Morte Súbita website is sufficient to justify a visit. According to them, the site is “an institution of blasphemy and a sanctuary of perversions aimed at exploring alternative realities and supporting conceptual minorities.”

In practice, they are dedicated to publishing articles that contain any content that is controversial or has already been banned by some person or organization. It is possible to spend several hours a day reading interesting texts on topics such as occultism, vampires, secret sects and aliens.

What stands out most about the site is the seriousness with which most topics are handled. Rather than simply appealing to common sense, the site’s members look to historical sources and tackle controversial issues with a view that, if not entirely unbiased, at least proves not biased or heraldic. All of this makes Sudden Death a must-have for any fan of controversial topics.

A true classic on the Brazilian internet, Scary has for over 10 years been devoted to fulfilling the desires of those who enjoy reading about violent murders, aliens, diseases and disasters. As the name of the address suggests, the purpose of all its content is to arouse fear and anxiety among visitors.

What stands out here is the wide range of images, especially those related to violent deaths. While many aren’t very different from what we see in the daily newspaper, many can cause bad feelings even at the weakest (which makes them perfect for scaring a younger brother or cousin).

The sad thing is to realize that the site has stopped in time; this is evident mainly due to its old design. Also, the frequency of new updates is pretty low – at the time of this writing, the last update was released on December 28, 2011.

PlaneCrashInfo.com is a page entirely devoted to plane crashes. For this reason, if you are one of those who need to take sedatives before traveling, it is not recommended to read the articles at the address.

In addition to posting information about aircraft models, the number of people on board and the death toll, there is a section on the site that serves as a real photo mural of such accidents. To wrap it up, it’s possible to check out a ranking of the 100 worst air tragedies in human history.

As the name suggests, the subject of Supernatural.org is all manifestations outside of what we consider normal. Ghosts, spirits or haunts – whatever you call such manifestations, for those who love the subject, the address is a complete slab.

The page is also devoted to a variety of other topics, including topics ranging from Buddhism to the Bermuda Triangle. Most surprising is the enormous amount of content produced by both the site’s professionals and visitors – there are more than 7,900 articles in the pending section of content alone.

Urban Legends, part of the About.com website, aims to shed light on the truth about common urban legends. While most texts are driven by objectivity, in some cases it is possible to have a lot of fun with the stories and questions submitted by the readers.

What stands out on the page is the wide variety of available sections covering topics from celebrities to camping stories. Be sure to check out the section that brings together the most popular articles on the site and is a must stop for understanding the reasons for human existence. Often times, the explanations made by the writing team are more interesting than the weird stories that populate the site.

Horrorfind.com is dedicated to anything that scares people, whether it’s true stories or movies whose purpose is to scare viewers. The page acts as a huge catalog of helpful links, and simply browsing the listed categories provides quick access to a wide variety of content.

It is worth noting that due to the multitude of topics covered and the age of the address, many of the existing links simply lead to pages with error messages. Even if it causes a bit of a headache, the site is a great way to discover items that don’t always get the attention they deserve on the internet.

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Is that you? What do you think of the sites we’ve put together on our list? If you think an important address has been missed or if you want to express your opinion on such a topic, do not forget to save your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Tec Mundo

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