For the MTS AI accelerator, 10 promising startups developing generative AI were selected, from bots that generate text and images to automatic coding services. They will be able to launch a pilot project in the MTS ecosystem and qualify for investments of between 100 thousand and 10 million dollars.

MTS AI accelerator will test 10 generative AI technologies

On December 14, at the conference “Generative AI: Top 10 companies and cases”, top management of MTS and MTS AI will discuss with representatives how work with innovations is structured, attempts to implement generative AI solutions in processes of business and plans for 2024. Companies FESCO and ANO Digital Economy, Lenta, AlfaStrakhovanie, Rostelecom, ANO KSA (Rostec Academy), Federal Center for Applied Development of Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, etc.

The event will end with a pitch session for the finalist startups, who will present their projects to corporate experts.

AI assistants, AI-based translators and developer services are technologies being developed at the MTS AI corporate accelerator, for example:

  • a digital assistant for both external clients and company employees, which generates a response based on corporate databases;

  • no-code platform to quickly create voice and text robots;

  • Platform for automatic code analysis and generation of architecture and documentation for developers.

“Generative AI is one of the key directions of MTS AI for 2024. We already have several projects ready, including object identification in video and content moderation.”said Alexey Posternak, director of investment and development at MTS AI.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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