Cats’ brains are similar to human brains. It consists of the same areas, but their sizes are still different. For example, the cerebellum, which is responsible for movement and balance in cats, is much larger than in humans, and this is why these animals are so dexterous. At the same time, the complex prefrontal cortex is the opposite in humans, so humans have developed the ability to analyze information, make rational decisions, control emotions, observe and remember things.

In general, the IQ of cats is approximately equal to the intellectual abilities of a 3-year-old child.

Cats also navigate the world using their sense of sight, smell and hearing. Scientists have discovered that these animals are also good at remembering human voices.

The cat has a well-developed hippocampus, which is responsible for navigation abilities and spatial memory. And in general these pets have a good memory.

Studies have shown that long-term memory is quite well developed in cats. They can remember different places and people for many years. But they are very selective about all this. If we talk about short-term memory, the experiments here give ambiguous results.

So how long can cats remember their owners? It all depends on what place the person occupies in the cat’s life. If he played an important role, he can remember it all his life. Cats are also generally excellent at remembering smells. Some studies even show that age has little effect on their ability to remember in cats.

Source: Ferra

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