Although the fashion to be selfie always go down in history, such photos are still used a lot to remember the moments you stayed with your friends or to have a different memory of the places you visited. we show you some tips For the best possible results with your smartphone.

The options we will mention will not improve the sensor of your phone’s front camera like magic. However, yes, you will be able to perform actions that will make the most of the hardware you have (and yes, you should be clear that this is the big limitation you can never overcome). Also, the operating system used by the terminal is irrelevant. iOS anyone Android.

Tips for taking the best selfies with your mobile

These are five tricks Here’s what you should consider using to enhance the photos you take with the front camera included in your terminal quite noticeably:

  • Avoid screen flash– The effectiveness of this option is rather doubtful, especially when compared to what the luminous rings offer. The truth is, try not to use it as much as possible because it doesn’t get much light and sometimes blurs details excessively. So, if your terminal includes this option, it is better not to use it.
  • avoid backlight: This is true for both selfies and when you take pictures with the phone’s rear camera. If the sensor is facing a light source from the front, you may not be able to detect details and you may get lots of shadows that make your photo worthless. Important: If you are using artificial aids such as a ring light, avoid using it from the front at eye level as it will create dark circles that reduce quality.
  • angles are very important: This is because light intake generally varies quite markedly from one to the next. Feel free to play with them before taking selfies. It’s also interesting that those visible in the photo move to different positions to avoid shadows as much as possible. So, it’s best to try different positions of phones and faces.
  • Wide angle is a good ally: More and more terminals are offering this option on their front cameras, and the truth is that this tool is very helpful, especially when taking a group selfie. A very significant amplitude of results is obtained, while at the same time a definition which is usually quite good. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, do not hesitate to try it.
  • timer is your friend: It’s a great idea to use this feature if you’re not in a hurry to take a selfie. That way everyone can see when the photo will be taken and be prepared for the best possible outcome. This even helps you hold your hand tighter when you need to use it. With this possibility you will touch perfection.
girls taking selfies


As you can see, the tips we left simple They allow to use and improve the selfies usually taken in a very significant way. So, don’t stop using them when summer comes and you will definitely be taking a lot of selfies.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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