Good morning! To stay up to date at the beginning of Saturday (10), TecMundo This week (February 5th through February 9th) we’ve sorted through everything that matters most. In addition to various news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games was also very active throughout the period.

On Monday (05), we explained why Microsoft might release exclusive Xbox games on PlayStation. On Wednesday (07), Google Maps started showing the climate conditions of locations. This Friday (09), STF servers crashed after the publication of a video related to the coup investigation.

This was just part of what was going on! Check out the most important events happening this week below. To access each news in its entirety, just click on the links below.

1. Max: The new release will fix one of HBO Max’s biggest flaws in Brazil. The launch of Max brings solutions to the old problems of its predecessor.

2. Why will Xbox release games on PS5? Understand possible changes from Microsoft. According to new rumors, Microsoft is preparing to publish Xbox games on PlayStation. Understand the reasons for the potential decision.

3. Fraudsters stole more than R$125 million from a company through a fake meeting created by artificial intelligence. A sophisticated deepfake scam targeted a multinational financial sector employee in Hong Kong.

4. STF servers are experiencing instability after the coup attempt video was released. Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the STF released a video in full from the investigation into the coup attempt; Watch the entire recording!

5. Google Maps for Android now shows weather conditions. The feature, which is in the implementation phase, brings temperature, climate and even air quality index.

6. How to enable Nubank’s ‘Street Mode’? How about going for a pleasant walk or even enjoy the Carnival without any hassle? Learn how to enable Nubank’s Street Mode and protect your online bank account!

7. Amazon Prime will see up to a 39% increase in subscriptions; check the new values. Amazon announced new prices for Amazon Prime starting in March 2024; Check out the details!

8. Disney announces movie schedule through 2031! See the list. Check out the planned release schedule of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Fox movies until 2031!

9. Netflix: 6 popular streaming productions to watch during the Carnival holiday. If you still don’t know what to watch on Netflix this Carnival weekend, we have some hot movie and TV series recommendations for you! Check the list.

10. There are fish with teeth that are 380 million years old in Australia. The new legendary species, called Harajicadectes zhumini, had bony scales, teeth, gills, and emerged from the water to breathe.

Source: Tec Mundo

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