Editorial iPhones.ru It is known that in recent weeks Russian iPhone, iPad and Mac users have started having problems activating iMessage and FaceTime.

Many services no longer activate correctly on an existing phone number. IN settings visit inscription “Waiting for activation”. Sometimes an error message appears later. The problem occurs after changing the SIM card, resetting the device, or when activating a new iPhone for the first time.

In this situation, the use of iMessage and FaceTime occurs only through bailiffs to the Apple ID email address.

Thanks a lot to the reader for the tip. Alexandru.

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What does Apple say about the situation with iMessage in Russia?

After talking with support, I received additional information in my email. Here is a link to the instructions from the letters.

iPhones.ru I contacted Apple technical support and received confirmation from company employees that such problems are indeed being observed in Russia. Moreover, when looking for troubles for them, the following content is recorded:

If you’re having trouble activating iMessage or FaceTime on your iPhone, contact your carrier.

– Apple Support (Russia)

The technical support employee himself then provided similar information – we are waiting now Apple and Russian operators are looking for ways to solve problems. Every reader said the same thing. Alexandru.

In general, we were recommended:

▪ update your iPhone to the latest public version of iOS (17.3.1 at the time of writing)

▪ switch to Wi-Fi instead of the real Internet

▪ check that Settings → General → Date and time included item AutomaticallyThe time zone is set correctly for your location.

▪ try to reboot the device

▪waited 24 hours for activation to complete successfully.

But these are broad and not necessarily implementable tips that were relevant before. They don’t solve the problem at its root.

Why was there a problem activating iMessage in Russia?

Activating iMessage to a mobile number is a process in which the iPhone sends an SMS to a foreign (currently UK) number and receives an SMS activation confirmation in response. This process occurs almost unnoticed by the smartphone user, with rare exceptions.

However, there are currently problems with the delivery of response SMS messages. It is unknown where they came from. For some iPhone users, everything works correctly, but for others the message does not arrive.

Apple believes that the problem with receiving this SMS is on the side of Russian operators, the sound sounds logical. Unfortunately, there are no other details and are unlikely to be forthcoming.

This is what successful iMessage activation looks like – a checkmark next to the phone number. You can view it by opening SettingsMessagesSending/receiving.

There is no solution at this time, other than waiting for any fixes from carriers and/or Apple.

So if you also encounter the problem of activating iMessage on iPhone in Russia, know that you are not alone. If additional information is provided on this matter, we will definitely write about it.

PS iPhones.ru requested comments from some Russian operators. If/when they appear, we will add them here.

Source: Iphones RU

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