Google likes to make jokes, entertain users and create manic animations, maintaining the tone of a relaxed and slightly geeky office.

Therefore, its products contain a lot of jokes and playful animations; the unique operating system necessarily contains a new Easter egg in the form of mini-games.

From Apple, flirting with the user built right into the smartphone is almost impossible to wait for. You have to look for it literally bit by bit, and even I would rather pay tribute to traditions than try to flirt.

Below collected five easter eggs for the most hardcore fans and told the story behind them. Some you will notice with great apprehension, while others will greatly surprise you.

1. Steve Jobs’ glasses are hidden in Safari.


If you open a website and select the Bookmark icon, you’ll see three connections: Bookmarks, History, and in the center, Reading List.

Take a close look at the glasses icon. Doesn’t remind you of anything? This is an exact replica of the Lunor Classic Round frame worn by Steve Jobs.

For comparison, Tim Cook prefers a rectangular shape, and you won’t find it anywhere – not even in Apple Vision Pro, the author’s project of the company’s modern CEO.

2. The voice recorder hides the “apple”, but there is a campus in Maps

Apple paid close attention to the icons of four applications at once.

Look closely at Dictaphone. If you open it and say the English word “Apple”, you will see exactly the same sound disturbance as the image on the icon.

There are other secrets too.

For example, in the application Apple Maps The circle at the top right is part of the new campus as seen from the spacecraft.

Application Calendar always shows today external dates and day of the week.

And here Watch They dynamically display the time; even the second hand moves on them.

By the way, there is another story about the clock, but not everyone knows its full truth.

3. The time on the iPhone did not coincide with the time of the announcement. Left the radihype

The first iPhone 2G appeared on January 9, 2007, that is, 17 years ago.

Before showing it live, Steve Jobs spent about 15 minutes paying attention to the meaning and design of the device.

Everything was choreographed: animations, jokes, timing.

Steve Jobs, even in the presentation slides, wanted the time to coincide with what people were approaching their watches at that moment.

And he almost got it right.

The iPhone shows 9:41 in the entire advertisement, and many believe that it was at that minute that the world saw the smartphone.

Although in reality the timing was somewhat different.

Presentation of the first iPhone

Live smartphone at 9:55 am in San Francisco.

The first OS element (located in the building below) with a screen lock and the historical moment “9:41” is shown at 9:54.

The name “iPhone” sounded to Jobs at 9:43 am.

But at 9:41 Steve Jobs said that he was introducing “three revolutionary devices.”

So know that the iPhone actually changed 14 minutes later when he featured the smartphone in any of his advertisements.

But the present remains in the new tradition.

4. The fish wallpaper from the first iPhone was missing for 15 years.

Fish wallpaper on the lock screen was the first interface element that people use during the launch of a smartphone.

But upon release the image disappeared and was never officially available on the iPhone during the first 15 years of sales.

And although photos with clown fish were allowed to be installed on the desktop in Mac OS X Snow Leopard, they did not appear on the iPhone until 2022.

For the fifteenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple made a touching homage to the iPhone 2G. In iOS 16, photography has finally arrived in remastered form. You can probably tell that the image isn’t as crystal-clear as you’d like because it’s over 15 years old, the first iPhone’s screen was half the size of today’s flagship and didn’t offer the same level of refinement.

But here they definitely increased the detail and added dynamic elements to the video of the eggs so that animation appeared when unlocking. The result is a cooler visual gift than NFT.

The author of the photo, unfortunately, is not advertised. You can download the version for Mac here and for iPhone here.

5. The book emoji has a quote from Jobs.

In the 1997 ad that launched the “Think Different” campaign, Steve Jobs delivered a monologue, “Here’s to the crazy…” in which he saluted popular figures.

This legendary text became one of his best quotes and can still be created today.

It turns out that in the “open book” emoji 📖 the pages are not incoherent nonsense, but a short excerpt from this speech.

Here’s what’s inside: “For the crazy. Losers. Problem creators. Round pegs into square holes. Those who see things differently. They don’t like rules. And they don’t respect the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them, or revile them. Perhaps the only thing you can’t do is…”

Translated, this means something like: “For the madmen. Losers. Robbers. For round stakes in corner holes. For those who see things differently. They don’t like rules. And they don’t respect the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them or curse them. The only thing you can’t do is…”

Here is such an interesting emoji with meaning. Like other Easter eggs in iOS, this one also turned out to be deep.

There are also other secrets hidden in the iPhone. For example, Siri has one – she’s a bit of a sorceress for us.

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