69% of office workers would like to work in a hybrid format. Only 14% of Russians would like to work remotely, 17% would feel more comfortable in the office. Analysts from the Contented design school and the Zarplata.ru research center reached these conclusions from the survey. RB.RU learned the results.

69% of Russians would like to work in a hybrid format


A modern, comfortable and well-equipped workplace is the most important factor for 70% of those surveyed. However, only a little more than half of them are satisfied with their current office space.

Almost 50% of those surveyed would like to have a comfortable kitchen at work to meet with their colleagues. Russians also value a relaxation area with sofas and armchairs, where they can relax and change the subject (44%). And 13% of employees would like to have a full-time psychologist in the office.

45% of remote workers are used to the remote work format and would not like to change anything. Some of them are ready to come to the office under certain conditions: increased salary, more convenient location of the workplace, better working conditions in the form of free food, gym, master classes, etc.

The survey was conducted using an online questionnaire among 1,740 Russians aged 25 to 55, working in the office and remotely, in cities with a population of more than one million.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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