Transportation platform Uber announced this Tuesday (16) the expansion of a safety feature for drivers of the platform operating in Brazil. What’s new is Possibility of video recording by the driver during the race.

This function It was already in the trial phase since October 2022. and expanded to more cities within months. In the coming weeksHowever, it definitely reaches the entire national territory, Starting from Android devices.

Previously, drivers and passengers could record the race with audio. The driver can also wear a dashcam if desired, but the new method uses the front camera of the smartphone used in the race; This camera is usually located on a bracket on the dashboard and also shows navigation routes.

How does video recording work in Uber?

Video recording is optional and when turned on it starts recording clips of all journeys. Capture will be made from the moment the driver approaches the boarding point until 20 seconds after closing compete.

The files are encrypted, meaning they cannot be freely accessed by Uber or others. This content is only published to the platform’s customer service team if the driver files a complaint, or by the authorities upon judicial request. In this case, the collected material serves, for example, as evidence of some irregularity committed by the traveler or to prove that the journey was uneventful.

The passenger is notified before boarding that the ride will be recorded, so the user has the option to cancel the ride if they do not want a driver with this option turned on. The recording is available on the device for seven days after the trip.

“This is a relevant tool that provides tangible evidence of what actually happened in an incident, as well as encouraging everyone to behave in the best possible way knowing they are being recorded,” says Uber’s product manager at Technology Development Center Mariana. Esteves.

Source: Tec Mundo

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