At the end of 2024, the Xbox Series X will be available in the new “Robot White” color without a disc drive. This version will have 1TB of storage and cost $450; That’s $50 less than the original Series X, which retailed for $500.

Let us note that the appearance of the Xbox Series X without a disk drive is expected, especially after the leaks in March. Perhaps Microsoft will offer an external disc playback device for those who want to play physical copies of games, similar to the PS5 update.

A special edition of the Xbox Series X with a disc drive and internal memory increased to 2TB will soon be available in galaxy black. This option will cost $600 and include a matching controller.

Additionally, Xbox Series S will receive a more modest update. A “carbon black” model with 1 TB of memory was released last year, and now a version with the same amount of memory but in the original “robot white” color is planned. It will cost $350.

Source: Ferra

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