Apple began developing iOS 19 even before it released iOS 18. In the latest issue of its “Power On” newsletter, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman noted: The company has officially started preparing its operational systems for 2025.

Codenamed “Luck” iOS 19 isn’t the only one currently in the pipeline: macOS 16, codenamed “Cheer”; watchOS 12 (“Nepali”); and visionOS 3 (“Discovery”) have also begun programming at Apple’s offices.

You 2025 system preparations are not necessarily a surprisealthough. Apple will soon begin the development cycle for new products, and to test them, the company needs new software.

iOS 19 is codenamed "Luck" and is only expected to be released in 2025.

Yet No information on Apple’s next platforms — and it’s too early to try to predict what’s new. But Gurman notes: Vision Pro headset should get support for Apple Intelligence next year, perhaps in VisionOS 3.

iOS 18 and all other Apple systems are currently in the early stages of public testing. Developers enrolled in the Apple Developer Program can try out the new systems and learn about some of the new features coming at WWDC 2024.

Now, There is no firm release date for iOS 18 – Even less for iOS 19. Apple usually releases the final version of the system between September and October of each year, that is, closer to the announcement date of the new iPhones, but everything depends on the platform’s success during the testing period.

Source: Tec Mundo

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