German startup Terrein received an ISPO in the second quarter of 2022 and is now expected to launch the first Ascent hiking shoe with ankle protection. Safety technology in development by Betterguards Technology, this is the first use of it in a real shoe. According to the company’s specialists, up to 40% of all injuries on rough terrain are ankle sprains, but the human body has no natural defense against it.

You can twist your leg in a variety of areas, from tree roots to a scattering of stones, and even injure when jogging along a normal flat road, if something depends on special objects. The main problem is that the reaction speed of our nervous system is too slow, we feel the pain effect after the ankle has decreased in the wrong position. The automatic phenomenon saves the foot from breaking, but not from dislocation, and long hours of pain are not.

Terrain boots

The Ascent boots have a pair of hydraulic pistons on either side of the foot that conform to the standard, safe deactivated position. They take the form of elastic straps and do not squeeze the foot, unlike boots with a hard beret. However, as soon as the foot begins to bend beyond the allowable limits, the piston works and firmly fixes the ankle, preventing it from moving in the wrong range.

Betterguards says the Soros setup This design also applies to orthoses. About the timing of the start of production of Ascent and such a cost of shoes yet.

Source: Tech Cult

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