The festival of vintage cars and retro buses is dedicated to the Moscow Transport Day. This is a chance to see LiAZs, LAZs, Ikaruses, RAFs, PAZs, Police Volga, Fire ZISs and even homegrown products like bottlenose dolphins. Automobile clubs brought their luxurious retro cars, a rally was held through the streets of the city. I chose the most beautiful retro dress and went to Sparrow Hills.

The transfer to the festival site and back was organized by LIAZ-677M and LAZ-699R Tourist-2 buses. Online, parents shared their retro memories with their children. The children did not understand much, however, they listened, especially the boys. It must be admitted that it is more comfortable to travel in a modern electric bus with air conditioning, it is more spacious and does not smell of gasoline.

The exhibits are very different. In an alley, retro 1950-1960 terry, buses, trucks and special equipment. There were cars from my childhood, all kinds of Muscovites, Zhiguli and Volga. Cossacks, of course, where would we be without them? I didn’t see the ones with “ears”, they were with bars. Taking pictures at such events is extremely inconvenient, much is fenced off with tape, and what is not fenced off is overgrown with people. But still this time there weren’t many people, I waited for the light and took some photos.

Wow, this is ZIS-8. He drew a lot of attention. Written “Shaman workshop”. I don’t know how they collected and restored it, it’s a rarity.

This is a truly unique piece. A self-made minibus based on GAZ-21, GAZ-22, GAZ-13, RAF-977 and other serial Soviet cars. The creator himself called it “Bottled Dolphin”. A bottlenose dolphin is a dolphin. The minibus was produced in 1976-1977. I saw it at other festivals, but then it was in better condition.

What follows is simple and familiar. On such a bus, we went to my grandmother and to a music school. Yes, generally everywhere. Almost all buses in Moscow were LiAZ-677. They were produced from the 1960s and almost until the 2000s, the most massive model of the Likinsky plant. Then came the Hungarian Icarus. First regular, then with “accordion”. At first they were not loved for their slowness and slowness, then they got used to it. At one time Mercedes-Benz buses traveled, I liked them a lot, they were beautiful, fast and comfortable.

Oh great, Trabantic! Famous car, an entire era! I saw it for the first time in Berlin. His body is made of Duroplastic, that is, organic plastic. As part of cotton production waste and glue-like filler. The animals often mistook it for food waste and often nibbled on the car.

Soviet minibus “Start”, 1963. Also Shaman’s Workshop. The businessman collects the rarest things, he even has a museum. Start is a symbol of forward movement, a breakthrough, a breakthrough. After launching a man into space, this theme became very popular and inspired many people. Such a minibus was shot in the final scene of the movie “Prisoner of the Caucasus”, the heroine Natalia Varley was leaving on it. Seeing the “Start” minibus is a great success, I had the opportunity for the first time.

LAZ-699R Tourist-2. A rare bus, these were produced for only two years, 110 units were built. This is festival. And I could ride to the subway.

I was so captivated by all these cars and buses. I love retro. I made a short, very short video, check it out: (unable to embed).

Another interesting thing was the TSARM Ritsa bus and the model of the Daimler-Marienfelde bus (1905), it was from this bus that traffic began along the first suburban bus line in Moscow – from Kamer-Kollezhsky Val to the Maryina Roshcha area to Ostankino.

The festival of vintage cars and retro buses is dedicated to the Moscow Transport Day. This is an opportunity to see LiAZ, LAZ, Ikaruse, RAF, PAZ, Volga police, ZIS firefighters, and even home-made …

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