The release of the long-awaited film Thor: Love and Thunder has been released in the main box office.

There were a lot of rumors of various kinds around him, but there is still a suspicious level of trust in Taika Waititi, which means there are also concerns. But I will not delay, I will say right away – this is a weak attempt and one of the most underrated Marvel films.

Proceed? Let’s understand in more detail.

A new stage in the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The new Thor is Marvel’s first romantic comedy. The company doesn’t have much experience with the genre.

The studio decided not to risk it and called Taika Waititi, who had already worked with Chris Hemsworth on the highly acclaimed film Thor: Ragnarok. This was perhaps the best part of the four Thor films.

The plot for this turned out, they did not come up with anything new.

In a galaxy far far away, the last surviving empire comes from a harsh reality. His daughter dies in anticipation of want, beloved by the god of sickness to his followers. Ultimately, this wanderer turns into Gorr, a fearsome phenomenon that is discovered by all carried gods, including Thor himself.

When Gorr attacks the remaining Asgardians, the Thor festival, and he also meets his leader Jane Foster. She is already a difficult girl, the Hammer Mjolner passed to her, who considered her worthy and endowed her with superpowers.

Most of the story revolves around them. Even Gorr didn’t receive as much attention as this couple. The chemistry between the actors is found in every frame, they interact well with each other and I joke all the time.

However there is no development of their relationship none at all. Hemsworth and Portman leave purely due to their charisma, but they give something to the viewer, they are unhappy. The jokes turned out to be “flat” and not memorable. Unless there was one good “trick” about Thor and his Stormbreaker.

The problem is that he quickly demands to move forward, he almost does not stop at one even the slightest bit serious moment and often cuts off many scenes. The viewer is just beginning to enjoy the moment, and it is immediately switched to the next one.

The personal consequences of the Torah also decide for usis not green. After all, almost all his relatives died: brother, father, mother, Asgard fell. And then it also appeared to us, how Odin returned his form, went “breaking bad” with the Guardians of the Galaxy and instantly forgot about his problems and mental poisoning.

Waititi’s further accumulation movement is pure self-copying. He does everything he did in Ragnarok, without stepping back from his own formula. True, it turns out that he is extremely inept, as if this is a different director.

The plot looks too strained, it’s a superhero, to which secondary manifestations were glued – just to be. They almost do not manifest themselves in development, only sometimes they are manifested by pre-set triggers.

Creators reset the main character and start everything from scratch, sometimes referring to the old days. Such a decision looks stupid and very frivolous, they literally threw back and “forgotten” all the events that took place, returning to the Torah “in their own way”.

Having introduced Jane Foster into the story version, the authors forgot that now it is necessary to develop her separate line. Personal almost did not pay attention, the emphasis is shifted either to Thor or to them.

Natalie Portman plays her role as well as possible. But I don’t want to look at its occurrence, because it was not possible to reveal the character to the end (or did not want to).

As a result, we have a half-empty plot with unrevealed characters and an approximately plot that tries to beat everything and at the same time a nonentity.

But the picture is great. This is Marvel

In terms of special effects, Marvel has never had any complaints. They are always on top.

And this time it feels even more. It seems like most of the budget goes to Hemsworth, Portan, Bale and graphics. Battles are created naturally and very effectively, everything explodes, flies, you feel every blow on yourself.

Also, for 2 hours, the picture constantly changes locations, which does not let the viewer get bored. Still drivehe uses us almost in the same breath through the entire cluster.

The realm of shadows, which Gorr is endowed with a home, is so removed from ordinary life that there is not even color there – a striking contrast with the dazzling brilliance of Asgard.

However, this does not save the novelty from the population. plot holes and nonsenseto cause only despondency. Often antics in the frame only thicken the colors.

A movie that still needs to be seen

However, Thor: Love and Thunder is part of a new phase of the MCU.

As an independent work, it does not work, but as part of something larger, it moves the overall plot at least a little and shows the development of this very film universe.

Fans will probably enjoy the movie at least a little. But I would not recommend watching because of his message of length and emptiness. Just confusion and a lot of questions.

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