For a modern person, a mobile phone is an integral part of life, and a SIM card, respectively, is an integral part of the mobile phone itself. Probably not many people know that the SIM card of a mobile phone needs to be changed periodically. This procedure is quite simple, it is carried out by operators completely free of charge.

Previously, the replacement process was quite long, today this manipulation is carried out very quickly. So why is it necessary to replace the SIM card?

A SIM card is a kind of smartphone key to work on the network. Although it is small, it contains a large amount of electronics. A SIM card holds certain information, such as a subscriber’s contact list.

A SIM card, like any other item, has a certain resource and becomes unusable after a certain period of time. As practice shows, the performance of this element can reach tens of years, but no one knows when it can suddenly become unusable.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace at least once every 5 years. When replacing a SIM card, the phone number is transferred to a new SIM card, but there is a caveat. If a phone number is linked to a financial account, access to it may be restricted at times due to the issuance of a new SIM card. Such an unpleasant moment is resolved quite quickly by calling or visiting a bank branch.

There are certain signs by which you can determine the need to replace the old SIM card with a new one:

  • Frequent loss of network by smartphone. To make sure that the problem is with the SIM card and not with the phone device, you need to move it to another device. If the connection is still lost, then a replacement is necessary.

  • Interruption of the conversation and loss of the Internet.

  • Please switch your phone to 2G and 3G when 4G signal is good in your area.

If the SIM card was purchased a long time ago, it is better to replace it. Failure of a SIM card, as a rule, occurs at the most inopportune moment, and the owner of the phone is left without communication.

Most modern smartphones have an eSIM digital SIM card. In this case, you can change the device by contacting your mobile operator. Such cards have unlimited resource and will soon completely replace physical SIM cards.

For a modern person, a mobile phone is an integral part of life, and a SIM card, respectively, is an integral part of the mobile phone itself. Probably not many people know that a SIM card…

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