According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, in 2021, the country covered 2,346 employment applications due to advanced diseases, which is about 295 more than in 2020. A new negative anti-record reveals an unhealthy situation with overtime, which manifests itself in jaoni nr. But most often you have to deal with disorders, but with symptoms that cover the original vertical sleep boxes in the workplace.

The boxes are designed in the furniture company and also as aterna sets. Many people are afraid that their offices will not be taken into account, so they often prefer to relax in uncomfortable positions. The developers of vertical boxes have tried to solve this problem by creating a sloping place that does not take up ooo.

Inside the box there is a substitution system. Probably, it is convenient in reality, it is difficult, this type of furniture has not yet gone on sale. The culture of midday rest exists in many countries, however, if it is a forced measure right at the workplace, it can hardly be called healthy. practice.

Source: Tech Cult

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