Countless new Netflix movies and Netflix series are released every month. It’s hard to keep up with them all, so we want to list the best new movies and TV shows on Netflix. Here’s what’s new on Netflix in August!

Green Book

Green Book is based on the true story of an African-American pianist and an Italian bouncer from the Copacabana club who serves as the pianist’s driver and bodyguard. Two strong and different personalities clash a bit during the tour. This creates exceptions. The film itself was well received by the public. It has won several awards and received several nominations.

Most Hated Man on the Internet

This miniseries tells the story of a mother who does her best to delete photos of her daughter posted on a revenge porn website. As a result, he embarks on an online crusade to stop the site’s founder from spreading such incriminating photos.

Bit Mom Movie

The series ‘Luizenmoeder’ is well known to most Dutch people. The comic series was recognized by many parents. If you haven’t watched enough so far, you can watch the only Lice Mother The Film on Netflix this month. When the principal is gone, a group of teachers tries to keep the school afloat. Of course it’s not easy when you have to deal with all the students and their demanding parents as well.


The horror movie Us could count on a very good reception when it came out in 2019. Jordan Peele (known from the 2017 movie ‘Get Out’, among others) is known for his distinctive and disturbing interpretation of the horror genre. He does it again in Biz, where he tells the story of a family going on vacation, but finds themselves in a real nightmare when a family of their own twins suddenly appears at the door.

day shift

Action, comedy and vampires: that’s what you’d expect from Day Shift starring Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco. Here, a vampire hunter must collect the money in a week to put braces on his kid and go on a school field trip. But his job is dangerous and it could literally kill him. Therefore, he will have to do everything in his power to complete his mission safely and well.

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