Launched in February of this year Real Socialsocial network Donald Trumpwas born as a rival to other major technologies in the media to spread the freedom of speech and expression of its supporters. However, a study indicates that the platform is promoting. shoots in a few posts and users Lately.

Certain content such as recent posts, limited range or completely removed According to the research conducted by the moderators Public Citizen. The posts contain anti-Trump messages and progressive agendas, such as details of the investigation into the January 2021 Capitol invasion.

However, even posts that do not criticize the former US president are removed. Cheyenne Hunt-Mayer, author of the report, says she ran several experiments to prove the theory, and one of the tests read, “Abortion is public health.” The post looked like it had actually been posted, but Mayer couldn’t find the post on his profile.

social network response

broadcasts with right-wing ideological stigma In addition, messages such as pro-gun messages and links to the far-right Breitbart website have also been removed. In other cases, users complained that they couldn’t make posts criticizing US support in favor of Ukraine.


As an answer Business ContentTruth Social interprets the shadow ban app to be “a deception and a manipulative practice” and promises that it never does or will use this tool. Even the platform says it uses Artificial intelligence to remove content excessive violence, pornography, or copyright infringing content.

Recently, Truth Social finally got an official web version, but since its release, the social network is considered by experts to be a huge failure. Designed to clash with traditional media and rise up against the “tyranny” of big tech, Trump’s offensive does not seem like the promised sea of ​​flowers.

Source: Tec Mundo

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