63% of freelancers managed to maintain or increase income in 2022, a study by Qiwi and the National Guild of Freelancers showed. The previous level of orders was able to maintain 65%.

More than 60% of freelancers maintained their income and the number of orders in 2022

Only 21% reported a significant decrease in revenue and 20% reported a significant reduction in the number of orders.

The study showed that 88% of those surveyed do not plan to access a job, of which 61% intend to continue their professional activities without changing their specialization.

Most of the respondents who chose to work for themselves are involved in the field of web development and graphic design: 36% of respondents work in these industries. The second most popular is text work: 15% of self-employed citizens have chosen copywriting.

The work format of freelancers has not changed: 92% continue to work in the same location and do not plan to move to another region or country. The majority of clients remained the same: 65% of freelancers continue to collaborate with fixed clients, maintaining the usual work rhythm.

The survey involved 1,500 independent respondents.


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Source: RB

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