Sovcombank opened a wholesale foreign exchange office. There you can sell or buy at least $100,000 or the equivalent in euros. The selling rate of the dollar and the euro is lower by 1-2%.

Sovcombank launched a currency exchange for large amounts

In the future, the bank plans to add other currencies to these currencies, Philip Agrachev, head of Sovcombank’s financial markets client trading department, told Kommersant.

Sovcombank’s services differ markedly from foreign exchange services of other banks. Usually bankers are advised to clarify, by calling or writing to the chat, the availability of the required amount, in case of absence, order in advance.

According to Agrachev, many clients do not know about the possibility of legally exchanging a large amount at a favorable rate, while they belong to the category of respectable citizens who earn good money or simply sold, for example, an apartment, a car or securities. He paid all the taxes and wants to differentiate his savings.

Experts believe that for citizens this is not only a way to protect savings from the devaluation of the ruble, but also an opportunity not to pay banks for foreign currency accounts and still engage in the development of parallel imports.


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Source: RB

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