The main advantages of liquid fuel as an aviation fuel – high power and low weight compared to aviation kerosene – are leveled by significant volumes of gas fuel tanks.

For example, if the son-of-a-bitch is in a tank that is delayed by a tank, then if aircraft designers focus on this problem, you will have the opportunity to create airliners in four directions than modern jet aircraft.

According to the forecasts of specialists from Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories (GTL), the last years of ultra-light cryogenic tanks made of graphite composite materials.

The company reports on the construction and testing of tanks already, the weight of which falls on several dozen modern aerospace metals or composite cryobaks. In the trials, there are encouraging results: even after some cycles, the values ​​of the node are put on the knifeX

The GTL created an experimental cryogenic tank with a length of 2.4 m and a diameter of 1.2 m and a weight of only 12 kg. Veste with a “juba” and a vacuum casing total weight, soso work in in in will 150 kt t t t b That is, the mass of fuel from the total mass is 70%. Due to the remaining “extra” weight, the designer will have the opportunity to install a cryogenic shell. pumps.

Source: Tech Cult

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