Keyboard that comes with phones and tablets SAMSUNG It is quality, no doubt about it. It contains everything you need for regular use. However, the option Google offers for Android devices (popularly known as Gboard) is unquestionable and you may want to use it on your new Galaxy. We tell you how to get it.

By default, the application we are talking about is not included in the equipment of the Korean company. Therefore, you must have them first, and there is good news about it. development it costs nothing There is nothing to download from the Play Store online store. All in all, if you don’t know the Google keyboard, the test is free to take and therefore worth doing. Of course more than one ends up leaving as usual.

This is the link you should use to download and install, which is completely safe and does not pose any risk to your Samsung Galaxy tablet. In just a few minutes, you’ll have it.

Using the Google Keyboard for Android


How to enable and change the keyboard of your Samsung device

The steps are pretty simple, but the truth is that the sections are not particularly accessible (something the Korean company needs to improve in future updates of Android One UI customization). This is what you need to do to achieve the goal you have set for yourself, which is google keyboard On your Samsung device:

  • Open the Gboard app on your device, you may need to enter your Google credentials.
  • A wizard will appear that will allow you to configure the application to your liking, both in terms of aesthetics and how the keyboard works. Once you’re happy with your setup, finish and you’ll see the main Google keyboard screen.
  • Now access the device’s configuration and enter the Language section of the Samsung Galaxy you have. Now access at least the list of keyboards you have installed, with the Korean company and Gboard.
  • In Choose input method, select Google and then tap OK. You do not need to restart the terminal for the changes to take effect.
  • You are done and you have successfully made the change.

all very easy Also, if you don’t like the way Gboard works on your Samsung, you can remove it anytime to never leave a trace on your phone or tablet again. But the truth is, thanks to her many options great clipboard management or use like being able to search for a GIF will at least make you consider using it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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