on the 20th, NVIDIA officially announced the new boards GeForce RTX 40. Jensen Huang, president of the company, provided details of GPUs with the architecture island love bondbringing much more than advances in technology rmoon tracking and DLSS.

According to Huang, in addition to the improvements to gameplay, the cards GeForce RTX 4000 has enormous potential for Make life easier for content creatorswith much more optimized and faster production processes.

One of the highlights of the presentation was the innovations for the content creation segment. streamersvideo makers, 3D modeling and modders.

AV1 dual encoder

The first big news for this audience is the new AV1 Dual Encoder. eighth generation encoders NVIDIA It has probably had one of the biggest performance jumps since the introduction of H.264 in 2004, nearly 20 years ago.

In synthetic tests, the time to export videos with the new codec is halved compared to the previous generation. NVENC. With it, editing high definition videos. The result is repeated in famous heavy editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Maya Autodesk.

The new AV1 dual encoder captures and renders twice as fast as the previous version

In addition AV1 To be better optimized in itself, the new architecture introduces two encoders working in parallel and splitting the instructions. This naturally results in halved times for almost all video compression and processing tasks.

in the case of streamers, this performance gain is slightly smaller at around 40%. Still, this greatly reduces the consumption of CPU resources during transfers and leaves more processing power for streaming games.

Collaboration with OBS and Discord

HE OBS Studio will be one of the first release software to support the new one double AV1. Also, thanks to the partnership with the team NOTEcoding parts will be optimized for everyone NVIDIA GPUsIt improves performance by about 35%.

The company also worked collaboratively with the company. conflict bring support AV1 still to screen sharing mode in 2022. In this way, conferences, distance lessons or broadcasts on the platform will be able to benefit from the new technology as soon as possible.

To make life easier for developers too, the new development kit NVIDIA provides to deal new codec more efficient. HE AV1 It is also directly accessible via the Microsoft Media Framework in Chromium browsers such as Chrome and Edge.

NVIDIA Broadcast improvements on OBS

HE NVIDIA Release its performance is also updated in new version RTX 40 GPUs in its new version NOTE 28.0. Vehicle with local artificial intelligence integration, color key To remove or replace video background more efficiently without making it look like a Chapolin section.

The software has received an update to its background noise canceling system that improves sound quality even on the simplest and cheapest microphones. The new codecs also increased compression by up to 15%, making it possible to record videos in higher quality.

New encoder quality in 1080p videos

With the proliferation of HDR compatible systems, the new update NOTE expanded its tech support, no longer had to disable the function to avoid videos with “faded” colors.

HDR mode can be easily turned on or off while capturing and streaming, no need to change advanced settings.

Worth the wait for intermediate and entry models

The first boards with new tools are only high-end models for now. GeForce RTX 4080 and GeForce RTX 4090. Naturally, their configuration results in a very high price, leaving the models out of the budget for most small creators.

On the other hand, entry and intermediate models are also double AV1 and new functions NVIDIA Release. In this way, depending on the price, its release may make even some powerful models of the RTX 3000 family obsolete.

Source: Tec Mundo

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