Turn your iPhone into a console: Backbone One and Razer Kishi’s price skyrocketed

Black Friday leaves us with two of the best controls available for the iPhone at a great price.

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this iPhone is a true portable console with games of enviable quality. However, you need it to take the plunge and turn it 100% into one of a kind Nintendo Switch. an external controller that sits sideways. And this Black Friday, we have two of the best checks thrown in at the price.

about this Backbone One and Razer Kishi, two external covers that turn our iPhone into a completely portable console. If you take advantage of this Black Friday offer, you can enjoy 25% and 55% discounts respectively.

Sony Backbone One - PlayStation Edition

Take advantage of these and you can play on your iPhone just like you would on a console.

Backbone One 89.99 Euro, 30 Euro discount

Spine One

This command was released in the market very recently and there is a special PlayStation version. As such, it’s great for playing your PS5 or PS4 from your iPhone, but it’s also compatible with most games.

It’s normally priced at 119.99 euros, but if you take advantage of this temporary Amazon offer for Black Friday, Backbone One is yours for 89.99 eurosin any of its two colors.

New Xbox controllers

Backbone One controller fits every iPhone and every platform

These are some of its most notable features:

  • Foldable and compact design.
  • Low latency connection.
  • Compatible with any game that allows the use of controllers.
  • Record gameplay videos and take screenshots.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Allows you to charge iPhone with an additional port.
  • Compatible with every iPhone from iPhone 6s to iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Razer Kishi 49.99 euros, 60 euros discount

Razer Kishi

Another of the best options on the market is the controller. Razer Kishi. It’s a very similar and priced solution to the previous one, but with a much higher discount for Black Friday. The price is down 55% from 109.99 euros only 49.99 euros.

Razer Kishi

Razer Kishi is one of the best controls for your iPhone

It is one of the best options for playing with iPhone and some of its features are:

  • Pushable analog sticks.
  • It works with most iOS devices.
  • Zero Latency Gaming: Unlike Bluetooth controllers with lag, this controller has zero latency because it plugs directly into the Lightning port.
  • Extra Lightning port to charge iPhone while gaming.
  • Ergonomically designed for long gaming sessions, this controller fits well in the hand.

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