MTS has launched its application store for Android smartphones – AppBazar. You now have 83 apps, more than half of which are games. You can buy the paid ones from your phone account or with a card.

MTS launched its AppBazar store on Android in test mode

MTS intends to promote apps from its store as part of the loyalty program among MTS customers, and by February 2023 it promises to expand the catalog to 500 stalls, Kommersant learned.

The company is also in talks with smartphone makers about a possible AppBazar pre-installation, but did not disclose with whom specifically.

MTS emphasized that not only Russian, but also foreign developers will be able to place applications on the store. AppBazar currently has games from five foreign developers: 8floor (Gnomes Garden), TuoMuseo (Father and Son), Orube Game Studio (Dwarf Journey), Infinity Games (Infinity Loop), and Zeptolab (Cut the Rope and CATS).

AppBazar is not the first attempt by MTS to create its own app store. In 2011, the company introduced the MTS Store, in 2014, in cooperation with Norwegian Opera, it introduced the paid store MTS App Market, and in 2015 – MTS Games. Both projects were closed before the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.


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Source: RB

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