Investigators from the Australian National University found in the fossil remains c c c c. It is of vegetable-fatty origin, which evokes the ancient slug’s dietary habits. The age of the find is estimated at 558 million years. years, that a given food sample is the oldest of the diseases of science.

Kimberella could grow up to 15 cm as a result, she did not limit her limbs and crawled along the bottom of reservoirs in search of algae, which form and form the basis of her diet. Primitiball r s s r r r r r r r r r r r r. This is similar to how modern animal digestive systems work, but half a billion years ago, such a complex intestinal structure was an extremely useful innovation.

It is possible that the complex structure of the digestive system was an evolutionary breakthrough. However, Dickinsonia does not have them. It had no mouth or intestines at all – this ancient life form was most like a ribbed pancake with a diameter of 1.4 meters and absorbed nutrients with its entire body.


Source: Tech Cult

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