Archaeologists made an extremely interesting discovery during excavations. This is the most suitable item, which is 300 gr. BC. for 640 gr. AD Scientists have discovered many graves here. Some exceptional mummies, in the case of a particularly thorough investigation – they were sent because of the language.

But only a part of the remains had such artifacts. Poison with them were buried in ru’ The key to solving the riddle lies in the strict procedure of checking the funeral rites and religion of Egypt. It turns out that 2,500 years ago, the Egyptians took into account that strict observance of silence ensures the location of Oziurim. A shining tongue of precious metal should be available to the deceased to communicate with treasures without any.

According to another version, the language of the “yellow” metal was supposed to symbolize the desire to find light in the afterlife. The personification of light in the ifology of that time was the god p, but noka cheny could build

golden tongue

Source: Tech Cult

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