Mercadona never ceases to amaze its customers. Once again bringing a controversial product to the market shocked the company again Juan Roig food. In this case, the edible squabble is not related to protein-rich food, but to something much more ordinary and rubbing: a couple of fried eggs.

The peculiarity of these Mercadona eggs is that they are already packaged and cooked, which surprised many consumers. With reactions of all kinds, the global reaction was to misunderstand a food that we didn’t really consider essential in our diet.

What is the point of investing so much effort into creating such a product? Is it true that most people don’t even know how to make fried eggs?

In fact, there is nothing new in Mercadon’s egg.

Joking aside, the truth is that this Mercadona egg-shaped product is not an absolute novelty. A similar invention has been known for two decades, which also caused amazement among many eateries. We’re talking about existence frozen scrambled eggs, a product developed by a Spaniard to extend the shelf life of food. And, above all, to facilitate its handling and safety in the field of hotels and restaurants.

In many provisions, hospital canteens and fast food chains usually resort to this type of resource because if the eggs had to be cooked one at a time, the logistics would be complicated. In addition, the use of this product, which has already been heat treated we save from many food safety problems associated with pathogenic bacteria salmonellacharacteristics of the egg.

Egg products in general – a term associated with these egg preparations and apart from Mercadona eggs – have been living in our supermarkets for a long time, albeit in a more subtle form. Evidence of this is pasteurized egg whites and runny yolks, which greatly facilitate the work in the hospitality industry.

Useful for the consumer on foot?

However, we are talking about restoration. Making the leap with a similar product in the first place seems risky to say the least. Especially when you consider how easy it is to cook a grilled egg in a few minutes in our kitchen. In the case of the Mercadona product, we are told that it should ideally be heated in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. That is, we must heat the product in the same way. Although the time is less, this does not seem to be a very significant advantage. Conclusion: time saving What Mercadona Grilled Eggs Provide it’s tinyYou look at them where you look.

In addition, we continue to promote the overuse of plastic in the food industry, which creates many environmental problems due to the difficulty of reusing it. A controversial issue over the years, which will continue to add changes in the future to adapt to a new, more sustainable reality. As if all this is not enough, it turns out that the price does not help either. Grilled eggs at Mercadona cost a total €1.80 for a container containing a couple of eggs. Clearly the price is off the charts compared to any other normal range. But, of course, you have to pay for innovation. Logically it should be more expensive.

The magic of food technology

In addition, this Mercadona product has raised a lot of doubts due to its long duration of action. How could it be that some packaged grilled eggs have a shelf life of about two weeks? There is nothing special about its ingredients: egg, extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil. The key lies in three combined food technologies in the product:

  • Heat treatment of eggs subjected to low temperature pasteurization to cook it, but without curdling the yolk. Thus, we get a liquid and safe for human consumption yolk, free from pathogenic microorganisms.
  • vacuum packaging which completely isolates food from the environment and oxygen, reducing spoilage processes such as rancidity of fats.
  • cold storage at 4ºC, which slows down the natural processes of food spoilage. Cold always helps us keep food longer in better conditions.

Although this product takes care of everything an ode to food technologythe truth is that we should not be seduced by its innovative nature. This is a product that generally does not offer too many improvements for the general population. While this can be very beneficial for people with mobility issues, making cooking tasks easier, the truth is that for most mortals, this does not represent a significant advantage over cooking a couple of grilled eggs with the standard method for life.

However, it can be a useful resource in certain contexts where we are far from the kitchen. For example, to cook other meals at work if we enjoy the company of a good microwave.

Source: Hiper Textual

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