Good morning! To stay up to date this Saturday (10), Technology World separated everything that happened this week (Dec 05-09). In addition to various news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games was also very active during this period.

On Monday (05), we announced that actress Jenna Ortega thinks the character of Wandinha will feel in Brazil. On Wednesday (07), England main goalkeeper Jordan Pickford went viral with his prep player at the World Cup. This Friday (09), the internet was flooded with memes as Brazil was eliminated for Croatia.

This was just an appetizer of everything rocking! Check out everything that matters most during the week below. To access all the news, just click on the links below.

1. Jenna Ortega says, “In Brazil, Wandinha gets uncomfortable.” Jenna Ortega was one of the highlights of the Netflix panel at the last CCXP.

2. Physics: wormhole simulated for the first time in a quantum computer. The simulation was carried out with Google’s quantum processor Sycamore.

3. ‘Official’: Steve Rogers was right in the MCU from the start. Without much ceremony, it looks like Marvel has finally hit the hammer confirming that Captain America ‘won’ the Civil War.

4. iPhone 14: Is it better to buy the iPhone 13? [Review]🇧🇷 iPhone 14 is practically an iPhone 13S. But let’s get a better understanding of the details in this review.

5. The English goalkeeper takes his prep player to Qatar to play Fortnite. The actor explains that he doesn’t like to play Fortnite on his laptop and that’s why he even brought a monitor to Qatar!

6. The FTC denies that Microsoft has purchased Activision Blizzard. The US government agency claims that the acquisition could complicate the competition in the game market!

7. ‘Killer’ robots will no longer be used by San Francisco police. After approving the use of robots in San Francisco police in the United States, the bill was vetoed by the city’s Board of Supervisors.

8. The Game Awards 2022: See the full list of winners! Check out the full list of The Game Awards 2022 winners!

9. Brazil was eliminated from the World Cup; See memes and reactions from the web. After a tough match, the Brazilian team was defeated by Croatia on penalties, ending the sixth dream. Check out the reactions and memes made by fans.

10. Meat with gold? Controversial golden luxury in gastronomy. Edible gold excels in glamorous dishes and many of the figures on the menu.

Source: Tec Mundo

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